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    After Citizens United, Campaign Finance Reformers Look For A Bold New ...

  • But this was a small-donor fundraising party -- an event Sarbanes plans to repeat across his district as he attempts to fundamentally change the way political candidates raise money. These politicians and activists are pushing to empower small donors and to fight back against the rising tide of big money in politics and the increasing pressure congressional candidates face to raise money for their campaigns, peers and parties. "I just woke up one day and -- I just can't keep doing this the same old way," Sarbanes said in an interview with The Huffington Post. ) found himself standing in late July in the recessed living room of two supporters, Mary and David Marker, addressing a room full of potential donors to his reelection campaign. Five dollars might not seem like enough, not when donors can contribute up to $2,600 for each primary and general election, and politicians typically spend their time asking people to do just that. So before the 2012 election, he stockpiled a half-million dollars in donations that could be unlocked only after he raised contributions of $100 or less from 1,000 first-time donors in his district -- a goal that he ultimately achieved. But it also offered something more: an incentive to reach out to new small donors , the ones who usually get ignored come election season.

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245 pages

The Game Makers, The Story of Parker Brothers from Tiddledy Winks to Trivial Pursuit

Creator: Philip Orbanes | Business & Economics - 2004

Presents a history of the toy industry, from the birth of board games with George S. Parker to how his successors built a family business empire and helped shape American culture.

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

About this book
The Monopoly game, Trivial Pursuit, Clue, Boggle, and Risk are more than games-they're part of Americana. All of these games were published by one company, Parker Brothers, which began as a dream inside the mind of a sixteen-year-old boy, over one hundred years ago. InThe Game Makers, industry expert Phil Orbanes reveals how, by adhering to the principles of its founder, Parker Brothers rose to prominence, overcame obstacles, and forged lasting success. Orbanes, a game historian and former executive at Parker Brothers, draws from company archives, interviews with surviving family members, and the newly discovered records of founder George Parker to tell a story rich in examples of business acumen that spans world wars, family tragedy, the Great Depression, and global competition. Pairing Parker's enduring business lessons with little-known historical anecdotes, Orbanes reveals the often whimsical origin of classic games-Tiddledy Winks, Monopoly, Nerf, Sorry!, the modern jigsaw puzzle, and more-and how Parker Brothers turned them into cultural icons. Engaging and insightful,The Game Makersexplains the rules that popularized the games we play and reveals the people who built an American business empire. "From one who loves games:The Game Makersis a real page-turner. Nobody knows the subject matter better than Phil Orbanes, and it shows. A most compelling read." -Wink Martindale, host,Music of Your Life, and veteran host for award-winning game shows such asCan You Top This,Tic-Tac-Dough, andTrivial Pursuit. "Phil Orbanes is a gifted chronicler. He serves up a tantalizing tale of fast-paced competition, drama, risk, eccentric personalities, and strategy, in one of the world's most competitive industries. The reader wins!" -Richard C. Levy, Author,The Toy and Game Inventor's Handbook "In this deeply researched look at the evolution of business practices within the world of 'game makers,' Phil Orbanes takes readers on a journey in which they will happily recall the joyful hours spent playing the games that rolled off the presses at Parker Brothers." -John J. Fox, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, Salem State College "A classic tale of American entrepreneurship,The Game Makersis a detailed study of successful business expansion and an insider's view of the cultural conflict between a corporate parent and its prize acquisition. This history of Parker Brothers offers something of interest to any serious student of American business practices." -Linda M. Lemiesz, Ph.D., Dean of Students, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Arts "I thoroughly enjoyed Phil Orbanes's journey through the history of Parker Brothers. Enjoyable and informative,The Game Makersis a fascinating account of how one individual's strength of character-or weakness-exerted a significant influence over a company's fortunes." -Ralph H. Baer, Toy and Game Inventor, and Father of Video Games

262 pages

Eurogames, The Design, Culture and Play of Modern European Board Games

Creator: Stewart Woods | Games - 2012

The Design, Culture and Play of Modern European Board Games Stewart Woods . Kiicklich, “Other Playings: ... Lammes, S. “Approaching Game—Studies: Towards a Reflexive Methodology of Games as Situated Cultures. ... Lamorisse, A. Risk [Board Game]. Parker Brothers, 1959. ... Aus— tralian journal ofEmerging Technologies and Society 3, no. ... Retrieved May 4, 2008, from http://Www. boardgame, 2007. Lewis ... Elliot Right Way, 1995. Martin ...

Publisher: McFarland

About this book
While board games can appear almost primitive in the digital age, eurogames--also known as German-style board games--have increased in popularity in near-concurrence with the rise of video games. Eurogames have simple rules, short playing times and emphasize strategy over luck and conflict. This book examines the form of eurogames, the hobbyist culture that surrounds them, and the way that hobbyists experience the play of such games. It chronicles the evolution of tabletop hobby gaming, explores why hobbyists play eurogames, how players balance the structure of competitive play with the demands of an intimate social gathering, and to what extent the social context of the game encounter shapes the playing experience. Combining history, cultural studies, leisure studies, ludology, and play theory, this innovative work highlights a popular alternative trend in the gaming community.

160 pages

Winning 42, Strategy & Lore of the National Game of Texas

Creator: Dennis Roberson | Games - 2004

A book for those who play the game and who want to learn the game.

Publisher: Texas Tech University Press

About this book
San Antonio Conservation Society Award Winner A perennial bestseller and a must for beginners and strategists alike There are two types of people in Texas: those who play 42 and those who need to learn. Winning 42 is written for both. A team game that no one tires of playing, 42 relies on neither luck nor memory. Skill and strategy definitely separate the best from the rest. Yet those who think they've mastered the game will find challenge in the advanced strategy chapters and fascination in the history and lore. Many who've grown up with 42 are nonetheless surprised by its uniquely Texan history, reaching back nearly a century and a quarter. Beginners will find easy instruction in all the fundamentals, from the intricacies of bidding a hand, or setting an opponent, to the challenge of the exciting 84 hand, and can proceed to advanced strategies at their own pace. Replete with championship statistics and stories gathered from veteran players and strategists--including many celebrities from astronauts to presidents--Winning 42 illumines a cherished tradition that links Texans from all walks of life. Played casually by those who enjoy socializing or intently by those who relish the logic of each domino played, 42 is perhaps the most widely acknowledged cultural expression in Texas.

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Risk (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Each Risk game comes with a number of different colored tokens denoting armies (originally, one set each of black, blue, green, pink, red and yellow).

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Find great deals on eBay for Risk Board Game 2008 in Risk Board Games. Shop with confidence.

The History of Risk - Board Game - Board Games - Card ...
When Parker Brothers / Hasbro published the 40th Anniversary Edition of Risk in 1999, they included information about the game's history in the rulebook. Risk: Toys & Games
Toys & Games Easter Event Explore plush toys, action figures, dolls, games and more to fill the Easter Basket. See more.

Risk - Board Game - Profile of Risk - War Game
A profile of the board game Risk, judged to be one of the most historically and culturally significant games published since 1800.


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    Toy (Hasbro Games)

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    Hasbro Games

    Risked Renewed

    I used to hate Risk. A couple of my friends back in high school tried to get me to play a few times and I absolutely hated it. Seriously... playing with little tiny men, cannons, and horses; rolling dice to take over the world? NO thanks! But a funny thing happened. Fast forward 20 years and someone breaks out Risk at a small gathering. Begrudgingly I accept the offer to play, and wonder of wonders, I had a great time! After that night, a small group of Risk fans began to gather once a week to play Risk together. During one of our sessions, we discovered some rule variations in the back of the instruction manual, things like "Commander Roll" and "Capital Conquest" mode. We incorporated these rules and a few others and Risk only got better!We were all quite excited when we recently saw a commercial on TV for a new version of Risk. It had a fresh new look to it and had new rules for playing that promised to speed up the game. So I bought it. Some of the new rules are the... 5/5 D. Martin - See all my reviews, October 30, 2008

    The New Risk - Black Ops

    Note: 1. Though I had the opportunity to playtest the prototype version of this game, the following is based on plays of the finished product alone.2. The prototype version was known as Black Ops. This is the same game with different colors.Relative to the enormous number of games that have been published, there are a rare few that have enjoyed popularity for fifty years. Risk is one of the rarities. Originally introduced in 1957 (in France) it was published in the United States, by Parker Brothers, in 1959. Since its inception, the game has grown in popularity and is now published around the globe in more than 20 languages. There have been several computer and console renditions as well as a variety of play-by-mail or play by email groups. There are Risk clubs and leagues and even a World Championship held in October of each year.From 1959 to 1999 the only variation to the classic version of Risk was Castle Risk introduced in 1982. Beginning with... 4/5 David Shapiro (Milwaukee, Wi) - See all my reviews, December 6, 2008

    Awesome Variant of the Original

    0 5/5 Kenneth Rosenberg (Chicago, IL USA) - See all my reviews, September 16, 2008
    List Price: $38.99
    Test your nerve with the basic training game--a quick and easy way to play
    With an updated map and all-new playing pieces, increased rewards for bold moves, and easy to learn rules
    Bottom line: 3 ways to play, faster game play, and updated map and playing pieces
    Finally prove your courage in World Contest-an updated edition of the classic Risk game
    You'll be ready to take on whatever lies ahead
    Includes game board, 7 dice, deck of 42 cards, 5 sets of colored units, 5 capitals, 15 cities, parts sheet and instructions

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But this was a small-donor fundraising party -- an event Sarbanes plans to repeat across his district as he attempts to fundamentally change the way political candidates raise money. In the past two years, Sarbanes, a four-term congressman and the son ...
Huffington Post - Oct 06, 2013

The design builds on the findings and recommendations of the three seminal reports during 2013; Francis Report, Keogh Review and Berwick Report. Our new . How Monitor will ensure compliance with the conditions and the way in which it will enforce ...
Linex Legal (press release) (registration) - Oct 16, 2013