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Creator: Henry Kissinger | History - 2012-10-01

DIPLOMACY should be read for the sheer historical sweep, the characterisations, the story-telling, the ability to look at large parts of the world as a whole' Malcolm Rutherford in the FINANCIAL TIMES

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

About this book
'Kissinger's absorbing book tackles head-on some of the toughest questions of our time . . . Its pages sparkle with insight'Simon Schama in the NEW YORKERSpanning more than three centuries, from Cardinal Richelieu to the fragility of the 'New World Order', DIPLOMACY is the now-classic history of international relations by the former Secretary of State and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Kissinger's intimate portraits of world leaders, many from personal experience, provide the reader with a unique insight into what really goes on -- and why -- behind the closed doors of the corridors of power.'Budding diplomats and politicians should read it as avidly as their predecessors read Machiavelli'Douglas Hurd in the DAILY TELEGRAPH'If you want to pay someone a compliment, give them Henry Kissinger's DIPLOMACY ... It is certainly one of the best, and most enjoyable [books] on international relations past and present ... DIPLOMACY should be read for the sheer historical sweep, the characterisations, the story-telling, the ability to look at large parts of the world as a whole'Malcolm Rutherford in the FINANCIAL TIMES

512 pages

Warman's Toys Field Guide, Values and Identification

Creator: Mary Sieber | Antiques & Collectibles - 2004-06-23

Featuring popular collectible toy brands--favorites such as Barbie, G.I. Joe, Hot Wheels, and "Star Wars"--this guide includes a history of toy collecting, up-to-date values for each listing, and over 500 color photographs.

Publisher: Krause Publications

About this book
This portable pocket-sized, take-anywhere, field guide is the perfect remedy for toy collectors suffering from purchasing duplicates, taking too long in deciding whether to purchase or not missing out on valuable deals, and especially those suffering from misidentification. &break;&break;Proven to ease the ailments of collectors, buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts alike, Warman's Toys Field Guide contains over 500 power-packed pages showcasing popular collectible brands from Barbie to Hot Wheels and G.I. Joe, as well as Die-Cast and Star Wars. After receiving a full dosage of expert advice and pricing information, collectors will confidently secure on-the-spot deals, knowing what to collect, how to collect, and where to collect.&break;&break;Correctly identifying everything from action figures to view masters becomes a snap at shows, antique shops, auctions, estate sales, as well as flea markets with this easy-to-use reference packing more than 500 full-color photographs.

319 pages

Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks, An Epic Quest for Reality Among Role Players, Online Gamers, and Other Dwellers of Imaginary Realms

Creator: Ethan Gilsdorf | Social Science - 2009

"This is a delightful book--more fun than being a Dungeon Master to a group of high-level mages and thieves.

Publisher: Globe Pequot

About this book
Fantasy. Science fiction. Role-playing games. People around the globe turn away from the “real” world to inhabit others. Movie fan-freaks design costumes and collect Lord of the Rings action figures. Some attend comic book conventions and Renaissance fairs, others play live-action role-playing games (LARPs). The online game World of Warcraft (WoW) has lured twelve million users worldwide. Even old-school role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) are still wildly popular. What could one man find if he embarked on a journey through fantasy world after fantasy world? In an enthralling blend of travelogue, pop culture analysis, and memoir, forty- year-old former D&D addict Ethan Gilsdorf crisscrosses America, the world, and other worlds—from Boston to New Zealand, and Planet Earth to the realm of Aggramar. On a quest that begins in his own geeky teenage past and ends in our online gaming future, he asks gaming and fantasy geeks how they balance their escapist urges with the kingdom of adulthood. He speaks to grown men who build hobbit holes, and to grown women who play massively multiplayer online games. He seeks out those who dream of elves, long swords, and heroic deeds, and mentally inhabit faraway magical lands. What lures them—old, young, male, female, able-bodied, and disabled—into fantasy worlds, and for what reasons, whether healthy, unhealthy, or in between? Our noble hero battles online goblins, trolls, and sorcerers for weeks on end. He travels to pilgrimage sites: Tolkien's hometown, movie locations, and castles. He hangs out with Harry Potter tribute bands. He LARPs. He goes to fan conventions and gaming tournaments. He camps with medieval re-enactors—12,000 of them. He becomes Ethor, Ethorian, and Ethor-An3. He sews his own tunic. He even plays D&D. What he discovers is funny, poignant, and enlightening.

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Promoted item: Risk Parker Brothers Board Game Strategic Conquest Everything Sealed Except Box

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1993 edition ~ Risk game by Parker Brothers ~ this has never been played as the game pieces are still not punched. Game cards are still sealed.

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This is still in sealed box. Game by Toei Animation. This is a 60 Card Collectible Starter Deck in the Premier Edition. Item number 90032. This would make a nice ...

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Monopoly is an American-originated board game originally published by Parker Brothers. Subtitled "The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game", the game is named after the ...

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Two vintage card games by Parker Brothers: 1. Touring, the popular card game, complete with all cards and instructions.


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